Fire Fighting Foam FAQ

Firehousesmall1. Do the compressed air foam system (CAFS) units need electricity or water?
No. Our CAFS are powered by compressed air or nitrogen gas.

2. Why is foam better than water alone?
Our Class A or B foams are detergent based. They reduce the surface tension of water and help water penetrate surfaces which normally repel water such as dusty roofs and charcoal. It also reflects radiated heat, hold vapors, cools and clings to a variety of surfaces to hold water in place. The Federal National Institute of Standards and Technologies has determined that Class A and B foam increases the efficiency of water by 3 to 5 times.

3. How much foam does it make?
The compressed air foam systems are set to develop approximately 20 gallons of foam for each gallon of water. Therefore 30 gallons of water makes 600 gallons of foam; 60 gallons of water make 1,200 gallons of foam etc. Expansion ratios can be adjusted. Please ccontact us for additional information.

4. How long does the foam last?
The longevity of Class A or B foam depends on the relative humidity and wind. Aspirated foam will likely last about two hours under average weather conditions -- possibly longer under high humidity conditions. After the foam disappears most surfaces stay wet for a longer period of time compared to water

5. What maintenance is required?
Little or no maintenance is required for the lifetime of the unit, providing reasonable care is taken such as protected from freezing and shielded from the sun. It is necessary to check the pressure level in the nitrogen gas cylinder at least once a year.

6. Will the foam stain surfaces?
No, the foam will not stain.

7. Do I have to keep it indoors?
No, but it is important that the unit is kept from freezing and protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

8. Can I use it more than once?
Yes, it can be used many times during the unit's lifetime. After use, all that is necessary is to replace the nitrogen gas cylinder (refilled or exchanged at nearby welding supply) and add water. There is enough foam supplied with the unit to last at least three uses. More foam concentrate can easily be added.

9. How can I match the unit to my needs?
The units are set to produce approximately 20 gallons of foam per gallon of water. Most surfaces only need to be covered with 2" inches of foam for good protection. The 120-gallon unit will suffice for most home protection needs.
For extended need multiple or larger units can be provided. Please call us at 541-984-0343 or toll-free 1-888-805-8155. for further information.

10. Will the foam harm the environment?
Our Class A and B Foams are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.

11. Do you take Credit Cards?
Yes, we take Visa and MasterCards.

12. Do you charge sales tax?
No, we do not charge sales tax.